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Last updated: 10/11/2022
[Cue the sappy music and celebrity voice-over with some underreported female perpetrated violence stats]
...You can sponsor a full custodial single father and his 10yo daughter for just pennies a day....

Pretty close to that...
I've spent the last 6+ months with no income and spent less than $1000/mo.

If like me, you're not one to just give money away for nothing (because I've done way too much of that), hire me for some consulting;
Ask some questions, request advice, give me a research or other mundane task and I can send you an invoice.
Even better, put me on retainer for concierge tech service, managed web/VPS hosting, remote sysadmin, virtual assistant, etc.

Having the skills and experience that qualify for any number of 6 digit salary positions in IT and construction industries alone...
( More on my tech experience
and... if my resume is of interest )
you would think it would be easy to find some kind of legitimate remote work, especially nowadays.
Hundreds of applications, gig proposals submitted, and having a website up for over a year promoting hosting/other IT services prove otherwise.

Over 50 proposals on upwork in the past 90 days.


Zero results.

Cyber security is more important than ever...
Do you happen to need a penetration test?

The flooring/remodeling work, boat bottom prep and other odds and ends I did about a year ago was while in a boat yard. Any 'normal' onsite job that leaves my daughter on the boat alone at anchor or docked for hours on end is right out.

I invested a lot of time and money over the last two years to have the off-grid, mostly energy-independent, very low cost of living I have now. But I'm not completely self-sufficient. Still need diesel for motoring and heat, gas for the dinghy, propane to cook with, that one thing that all humans require to sustain life...  food...

And now (as of September) the bank account is empty and all cash is gone. I'd guesstimate being down to about a month of basic food staples (beans, rice, pasta, some canned vegetables; that's really it - no milk, butter, sugar, flour...). Propane might make it a month. Dinghy gas is really low.

On the bright side, I can turn off the fridge since there's nothing left that requires refrigeration. If it was just me, I could possibly go with nothing for another month or two but then I'd also have more options for income in that case. There's been no mountain dew for at least a month, tea ran out couple weeks ago and now out of coffee. Ugh, maybe the fridge stays on just to have cold water....

A little background - about two years ago we left my youngest daughter's abusive, deadbeat mother once and for all. With nothing but the packs on our backs, literally, and of course all the symptoms of PTSD. No home, no vehicle, no money.
By all accounts, just years before,  I 'had it all'; owned a moderately successful company, 30' sailboat, work van, thousands of dollars in tools, full size SUV, Mercedes 300SL (all paid for), great credit score and premium credit cards, etc... She systematically sabotaged work/clientele/relationships, pawned/gave things away... destroyed it all.

For anyone that knows about cluster B  personalities, this is a familiar story. For those not informed about cluster B disorders and didn't really pay attention to the example of Amber Heard, I'd encourage you to spend a little time researching. Survivor stories are uncannily similar. I believe the number of cluster B disordered individuals is grossly underreported, and as I've mentioned in a couple posts ( this would be one ...  I believe it has reached pandemic proportions. [Well that link is broken now since I didn't have the $5 to cover that VPS] donate and send an email, I'll focus on getting the cluster b sides blog content restored. May lose that domain completely at this point since it's up for renewal this month.

Anyway, over the past two years I've made a 40' ketch sailboat into our home. Had it hauled out, did a ton of sanding, fiberglass layup, sanding, painting and more sanding (there's still a never ending list of things requiring more of the same), new bottom and hull paint, replaced the front transmission seal, other mechanical maintenance, upgrades, some electronics, etc. costing a couple thousand or so. (That's just materials costs, no hired labor.) Over a thousand on battery/solar system. (Lifepo4 cells with separate battery management system unit. All spec'd, installed and configured by myself.) Yes, I actually am capable of doing just about anything.
Spent a few thousand in marina fees. About $500 or so to cover internet access for a year. Motored a few hundred miles since going back into the water, about $500 in diesel fuel, since there's still no mast to raise a sail on.
Lost a 200watt solar panel, boat hook and the $100 touch screen for my daughter's pi400 was broken (have yet to get a replacement which is another issue) when a larger motoryacht went flying past leaving us yawing violently in its wake. Couldn't even id the vessel to report it to DNR/FWC.

The masts were damaged/removed/lost by a previous owner and with over a year of searching for reasonably priced replacements I'm very likely going to just build my own. I have the skills, the originals were wood anyway, and at this point its really my only financially viable option. Although, even that is not possible right now as I have no source of income for the materials and have spent everything I had saved up. A campaign specifically towards mast costs can be found here

Well, the 30 days is up on that campaign. Not a penny. Have another one up for Hurricane Ian damage now. Lost the hardtop, frame and another solar panel. Only a couple thousand worth of damage. Relatively minor compared to others I know.

I expect the same result, nothing.

Yet there seems to always be shit even more ridiculous than this....

Over $40k in 4 days supposedly for 50 illegals they bused off the island in about 24 hours. Pretty close to the total I've lived on for the last 4 years.

That comes out to over $800 per person. Which was about how much I've spent per month from March to September 2022.

Sure, having below poverty level income qualifies for whatever number of .gov programs and I've definitely paid plenty in taxes for it as an employee and employer. I guess people make it a fulltime job jumping through those hoops. About two decades ago I collected unemployment. That becomes practically impossible with 1099 and other self employed income. I managed to get food stamps once for whatever period they approve that for. At this point I have actually applied to eat quite luxuriously for a bit. Guess I'll find out if that's approved in about a month. DENIED. Apparently calling over a dozen times for their stupid interview is fruitless. Like I said - full-time job to jump through hoops of incompetence.

In any case, finding a local church/food bank ashore just to restock basics is imminent. Last time I tried to get child health insurance it was denied for some similarly inane reason. Even my application for SBA covid programs were denied, even though they gave out billions to fraudulent applicants. Generally not worth the time dealing with the nonsense of incompetent .gov bureaucracy depts which I personally don't believe should exist anyway.

Regular Blogging/Vlogging/song recording/3d printing, etc. are possible future endeavors. Hubzilla and/or other software/hardware development ideas also fall into maybe someday just because there's not enough time to invest in things which just might create passive income maybe at some point a year or three from now... between everyday domestic and parental chores, boat projects in preparation of making my daughter's ambitious travel plans at least partially possible, and trying to figure out how next months bills are getting paid. Besides the practical facets like time, there's the constant underlying stresses that make it rather impossible to focus on such things. The fact that there is no money is a constant anxiety which doesnt seem to make one damn bit of difference in generating, identifying or locating any source of revenue/income. I'm not sure if that's normal, PTSD related, or is exacerbated by PTSD. If you happen to be a professional in that field familiar with ssdi and do pro bono work, get in touch. Not that I really agree or think getting SS disability is worth the hassle, but if I can at least get back my money that's been confiscated to fund that ponzi scheme...

If any of this has compelled you to make a contribution, any worldwide major credit card can be used via Stripe. If you would like to use ACH or another option at Stripe send an email to admin at this domain (the old fashioned way since I haven't gotten around to setting up a contact form here yet).
Donate via Stripe

If you still have PayPal, use the button found on this page I have 73 cents sitting there still so if someone could make that over a dollar so I can transfer it out and close my PayPal acct that would be great.

I had a BTCPay server for accepting crypto but shut that  VPS off to cut expenses. If making/accepting crypto payments or coin exchange personally or for your business interests you, let me know.

For any services (web hosting, VPS hosting, cybersecurity, etc), contract/gig or other remote job offers send an email.